The Platform

Our platform is composed by three main modules: Identity as a Service, Data as a Service and Blockchain as a Service. These modules act like pieces of a puzzle that can be arranged in different ways to build implementations. With these three modules we are able to inter-operate other blockchains and services, securely store data, manage business relationships and control the flow of information.

Our first implementation is the Trust Provider Network, but we expect to be able to go ahead with other implementations that are inter-operation of bank accounts, property registration systems, IoT devices and so on.

Identity as a Sevice

  • no cost for end users

    End users won’t be charged for this service. The costs will be paid by the entities that want to access user’s data

  • federation of trust providers

    Federation of service providers process part of the KYC and provide trust to the information

  • pay per request

    Data consumption will be charged by small amounts

  • profit sharing

    Profit will be share with trust providers in order to pay their cost

Data as a Sevice

  • data management

    Users maintain their personal data on the platform and manage it. End user is the only party that have access to data. Data can be accessed by other entities under authorization of the user

  • no data redundancy

    No need of many private data bases with repeated information. The plattform provides a single sorce of information that will be always as up to date as possible

  • pay per volume

    Data takers will pay the use of the platform by the size of the information they have requested

Blockchain as a Sevice

  • integration

    Secure integration among services and networks

  • services over the plattform

    Service provider will provide services through the platform, interacting with many differen services providers and networks

  • pay per transaction

    Users will be charged by contract enforcement

  • pay per registry

    Service providers will be charged by contract registration