Blockchain Digital Identity startup Blockchain HELIX partners with online-id verifier Veriff

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Mar. 29. Tallinn, Estonia / Frankfurt, Germany –  Blockchain HELIX, a blockchain startup developing Digital Identity solutions on the basis of blockchain technology, announced its partnership with facial recognition-based id verifier Veriff today.

Blockchain HELIX is providing with their project HELIX Orange the world’s first sustainable ICO ecosystem for investors and ICO projects. Secured and powered by blockchain technology. In order to validate digital identities, Blockchain HELIX formed a partnership with online-id verifier Veriff.

Veriff is an Estonian company, utilizing advanced facial recognition software, video analysis and biometric data to verify user’s ID online. Veriff’s solution allows users to identify themselves in minutes by providing a short recording of themselves presenting their passport, id-card, or driver’s licence. Veriff then analyzes the short video, verifies the validity of the document, and compares it to a government-provided database. This way user’s identity is securely approved in a fraction of the time normally required for this process. Verriff’s solution is recognized as a valid form of identification by Estonian and European authorities, and is used by several banks, loan providers, blockchain and crypto projects.   

HELIX Orange is the starting point for a sustainable ICO Ecosystem.
The 3 main pain points for ICO projects are targeted:
Attract a high volume of qualified investors
Be regulatory compliant with your investors portfolio
Consume pre checked approved investors profiles from KYC/AML requirements

HELIX Orange is giving ICO-Investors major advantages:
Get a trusted Investors identity for recurring use
Gain more security for your investments
Protects your privacy
Marketplace for ICOs with the highest compliance standards

HELIX Orange is a sustainable business case as it adds value to one of the most evolving markets. The combination of a Digital Identity and an ICO Community is unique and has the potential to become a standard for compliant ICOs. Starting from today, HELIX Orange ICO is live and on sale.

Relying on the newly formed partnership, Blockchain HELIX will facilitate the approval of user’s identities with Verriff’s solution.



About Blockchain HELIX
Blockchain HELIX AG (, is a german blockchain startup, developing Digital Identity solutions. The project HELIX Orange – Generation ICO is targeting the major need for ICO projects to fulfill regulatory requirements, KYC/AML and present themself to a huge qualified investors pool.  

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About Veriff

Veriff (, is an online identity verification company. Veriff’s vision is to make the world safest online verification solutions by providing vendors with a chance to identify their customer location independently in a fast and cost-effective way.

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