The blockchain technology is here to stay and reshape the future

Institutions are not going to be replaced by a blockchain, but they will have new functions in the society

Data belongs users and should remain with them

Reconciliation and Paperwork don’t belong to this century

Blockchain HELIX explained in a few words.


Blockchain technology represents the future of transactions

Middleman are not going to disappear, but their costs are going to drop, forcing transactions to be much cheaper than they currently are

Cross border transactions will take seconds instead of days to be settled

We are far away from a worldwide single currency. Several different currencies will be still necessary for a long time

Although we believe blockchain technology is going make a revolution across many indrustries, we believe some things are still missing


Anonymity is really great for many uses, but when we talk about real business things are different. Real transactions require trust between parties.


Different blockchains and also service providers need to be integrated in order to allow multi object smart contracts.


Once services and other blockchain networks are integrated, we are able to build endless applications involving different parties, objects and countries.

Data Protection

All the last three items are not possible if we don’t protect user data. Everything must be encrypted and manageable by end users.

Internet Users

Data Leaks

Loss from Online fraud
We believe blockchain has the opportunity to streamline and potentially transform anti-money laundering (AML) compliance procedures. Goldman Sachs
Conducting international money transfers through DLT could provide real-time settlement and reduce costs, enabling new business models (e.g. micropayments), and institute newer models of regulatory oversight.World Economic Forum
Distributed ledgers can become the foundation of a robust system of trust, a decentralized platform for massive collaboration. With that, intermediaries will be shuttered. Assets that were once dormant can be exploited. Profit pools can shift and be redistributed.IBM
Blockchain-like technology will change the way the European markets function, making them cheaper and safer; however, the old players will implement the new technology, we think. We don’t expect disruptive players to challenge the exchanges’ roles. We believe that the exchanges will benefit, as cheaper operations lead to higher volumes and lower costs.Bank of America Merrill Lynch