Your personal avatar and the blackbox of identity – Blockchain Revolution / Theory by Don Tapscott / Implementation by Blockchain HELIX

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So Don Tapscott describes in his book “The Blockchain Revolution” the possibility to create related identites that he calls avatar and that can cover all information of your private and public life. These avatars can be managed by a prime identity and can be used by the individual in a self sovereign way to give access to their information with the method of minimalization or to monetize the usage of their data for statistical or marketing use. The chapter ends with the description that it could work with Blockchain technology but the problem of the “Right to be forgotten” is not yet possible.

We at Blockchain HELIX created that vision and we also solved the problem of the “Right to be forgotten”. Our solution creates a legally trusted Digital Identity that has related Sub Identities (Avatars). These Sub Identities can act with the method ofInteroperability and can have different permissions so that a SMART Car can pay with a certain budget but nothing else or a Healthcare avatar can control vaccination certificate and can give access only to certain other users.

Our Business Model is based on our first Use Case to act as a Hub for KYC data in between financial institutions, insurance companies and ecommerce. All in control of the individual with an App to validate who gets access to what kind of my personal data.

So imagine you are shopping for something with an age rating but you still want to protect your privacy. With our technology this is perfectly implemented and combined with a trust level from both sides.

Thanks Don for the vision. Everybody that want a demo, please contact me at or meet us at conferences and Blockchain events.

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