Public statement from Blockchain HELIX AG on the current PR campaign by Savedroid AG 20.04.18, Frankfurt am Main.

Blockchain HELIX AG comments on the PR campaign by Savedroid AG on April 18, 2018 for the alleged exit scam.

The PR resolution, which was announced on April 19, 2018 by video message from founder and CEO Yassin Hankir, shows that its own commercial interests such as the promotion of a new business model from Savedroid AG are in the foreground. We see this as a lack of responsibility. The way in which the confidence of investors and stakeholders was handled from April 18, 2018 to April 19, 2018, we consider irresponsible.

The damage to image and the discrediting of the fintech and blockchain industry, the advisors and supporters is unprofessional and morally unjustifiable. Against the background of the PR stunt, we can not see that there is neither a rational approach to trust nor a sense of responsibility as an entrepreneur.

Oliver Naegele, founder and CEO of Blockchain HELIX AG, was not informed in advance of the planned PR campaign in his capacity as advisor to Savedroid AG. In addition, he was not informed that Savedroid AG is changing its business model and expanding its activities towards ICO consulting.

The previous Advisor activity was based on the well-known business model of Savedroid AG, its corporate focus and its existing trust in the team. The evidence has changed dramatically as a result of the given situation and contradicts the attitude and values of Blockchain HELIX AG, which stands for a technology focused on sustainability and innovation and is committed to a growing blockchain community.

As of today, Oliver Naegele resigned his advisory responsibilities at Savedroid AG. As an advisor to Savedroid AG, Oliver Naegele receives a one-off fee in the form of a SVD token package of EUR 1000 (issue price). Once the sum has been credited, he will donate it to the charitable institution Frankfurter Tafel e.V.