Blockchain HELIX, an innovator of Digital Identity solutions, partners with, a blockchain-expert for digital twins and business transactions

Blockchain HELIX AG, a pioneer in the field of digital identity, and evan GmbH, the initiator of the business blockchain, announced their partnership today.

Blockchain HELIX AG is a German blockchain startup that develops Digital Identity (DI) services for consumer and business markets, called helix id. 

helix id differs from other blockchain projects because it focuses on both corporate segment and their compliance needs by covering all legal and regulatory commandments, and on the self-sovereign ID as a key to the individuals’ data privacy.

The helix id solution is enterprise-ready and allows corporates to instantly, hassle-free and cost-efficiently onboard customers while increasing data quality and reducing risk in Know Your Customer (KYC) and Anti Money Laundering (AML) processes. Individuals benefit from the DI app through ease of use, full control of private data and high security. helix id mainly focuses on four services: authentication, verification, signature and payment. is a business blockchain that enables its members to easily create digital twins and develop standards for cross-company transactions. By offering a neutral and open technology, is the basis for different, independent platform models that benefit from the security of the blockchain. 

With its DI solution helix id, Blockchain Helix is a complementary technology to give any individual on the a legally binding and highly convenient “digital me”. Thus, this digital identity can act within the and outside of it with a wide range of connectors and interface for legacy technology. 

helix id will therefore use the newly implemented cooperative solution of the and the German Civil Law Notaries. The combined solution enables legally binding verified transactions between individuals and corporates to cover the industry’s urgent need for fully digitized processes. Thus, helix id makes it possible for the to expand the use cases and to act with pre-verified and trusted identities.

Both parties agree on a strategic partnership to foster the mass adaption of the blockchain technology in the skyrocketing field of digital identities with helix id and the enterprise framework of A joint effort to overcome the hurdles of cryptographic key handling for individuals and corporates is being agreed on and will be delivered in the near future. The synergy of both technology partners creates a unique framework for cross-industry and enterprise solutions. The ability  to overcome the limitations of earlier blockchain solutions and the advantages of the combined technology of HELIX and the are already used in a first real world application: A state of the art mobility platform uses helix id and the and will be presented at July 16th at the Startup-Autobahn Expo Day in Stuttgart.

About Blockchain HELIX
Blockchain HELIX AG is a German Blockchain startup that develops a Digital Identity solution for individuals and corporates to create a trusted and secure digital economy and society, called helix id. Blockchain HELIX’ goal is to become the world’s leading Digital Identity provider. The latest success in 2019 is that the company received a seven-figure investment from the FinLab EOS VC Fund, a venture capital fund backed by both and FinLab AG. For more details please visit the website

About is a blockchain for digitalization and automation of business transactions. The network members create Digital Twins for machines and products and develop standards for company-wide automated transactions. Initiator of the Blockchain is the Dresden B2B-Startup evan GmbH. Among active network partners are the construction machinery service provider Lindig and the textile discounter KIK. You can find further information at

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