The Digital Identity solution helix id creates trust and security

What do organizations such as the German Bundestag, Facebook, Mastercard, the chemical company Lanxess and the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg have in common? Apparently not much, yet all of them have fallen victim to cyber attacks. The result: millions of data sets, from allegedly secure customer data to confidential data of German politicians, have been compromised. The user himself has no influence on what happens to his data.

Data theft is made possible by centralized data storage, an attractive target for hackers. Additionally, data misuse is facilitated by an inherent weakness of the internet. Since its inception, data sovereignty has been held by the service providers, rather than the user. No previous attempts were able to change this dynamic, as discussed in length in a previous Blockchain HELIX article: The Evolution of Digital Identities.

helix id hands back the control of data to the user

In the first quarter of 2020, a new era is about to emerge. WIth helix id the user gets full access and control over his Digital Identity. The self-contained ecosystem with end-to-end encryption and an integrated marketplace for digital goods is going to straighten out the mistakes of the past. Thanks to blockchain technology.

This technology can do much more than just facilitate cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. It has many use-cases for different industry sectors – finance, healthcare, communication, public sector, smart home, e-commerce, just to name a few. Blockchain technology allows for more secure and trustworthy transactions between business partners, without an intermediary in between. Thus, blockchain-based solutions like helix id are able to reduce data misuse and hacks drastically.

Trust is of utmost importance – even in the digital world

Data identity is not a separated topic which only affects a single company or one industry. Digital identity is a broad topic affecting everyone. A secure and sustainable digital society and economy is only feasible, if people can trust the protection of their Digital Identities.

At the Event “Digital Trust Matters” on the 12th March 2020, Blockchain HELIX will be discussing the premises of a sustainable digital future with top-class experts:

  • Eva Schulte-Austum – is a trust expert that supports people to be trustworthy with each other. As a speaker and coach, she assists companies in revolutionizing the way we work.
  • Dr. Harry Behrens – is head of the Daimler Mobility Blockchain Factory and a leading blockchain expert. Since 2012 he has been involved in this topic. In 2016 he co-founded the department Daimler Financial Services Blockchain and initiated the development of the smartVIN® blockchain platform.
  • Ghazaleh Koohestanian – is the CEO of Re2you GmbH. With her team of 300 people, she drives innovation and is building data sovereign high-end smart cities all over Europe.
  • Wolfgang Prinz – is vice chairman of the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology. In his various publications and lectures he deals with the blockchain technology and its role in the industry 4.0.

The event will be presented and led by:

  • Oliver Naegele – Founder and CEO of Blockchain HELIX AG, featured in the list of Europe’s most influential blockchain experts by the Blockchain Center of the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management.
  • Thomas Müller – Founder of, which is a company developing the technical and legal framework for a decentral economy based on blockchain technology.

The event data at a glance
Digital Trust Matters
Thursday, 12th of March 2020, starting at 6:30pm
FinTech Headquarter, Münchener Straße 45, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

Become a Trusted Partner
In addition to attending the event, you can become part of the helix id ecosystem right from the beginning. Visit the helix id homepage and request further information from Blockchain HELIX:

About Blockchain HELIX
Blockchain HELIX is the Home of Digital Identity. It is a German Blockchain startup in Frankfurt am Main that develops helix id, a Digital Identity solution for private individuals and corporates. The goal of Blockchain HELIX is to create a trustworthy and secure Digital Identity ecosystem that will become the global market leader for Digital Identity.

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