helix id Digital Identity solution available in early 2020

The time has arrived: In the first quarter of 2020 Blockchain HELIX will launch its integrated solution for Digital Identity on the market. With helix id, a free-app based on Blockchain technology, the Frankfurt-based startup wants to give private individuals back full control over their Digital Identity.

To enable users to use their self-sovereign identity, helix id will be equipped with a marketplace and will later offer digital signatures and an in-app payment method.

“helix id is designed as a trusted network. A holistic trust network that fully involves both private individuals and corporates,” explains Oliver Naegele, founder and CEO of
Blockchain HELIX. “Verified digital users can communicate and act with each other here. Because all parties are securely verified, helix id creates a basis of trust for users and service providers alike. In order to protect this trust, helix id uses end-to-end encryption and does not integrate external intermediaries to process services or payments.”

After a user has downloaded and logged into the helix id app, he only has verify his data once. He can then connect to the helix id ecosystem and use all services and products available in the marketplace. His personal data is stored encrypted on his mobile phone and only passed on to other parties with his consent.

“helix id is not just another Digital Identity app. helix id is more diverse and has a double focus,” emphasizes Naegele.”We promise the user the protection of his Digital Identity. We enable the companies, our so-called Trusted Partners, to fully comply with all legal and liability requirements for online business”.

helix id fulfills all requirements of the data protection regulation. With the new solution, companies also outsource the prescribed checks within the scope of “Know Your Customer” (KYC) and Money Laundering Act (AML) to Blockchain HELIX. This not only reduces their costs, but also their risks. With helix id, companies can legitimize potential customers without great effort and cost saving. Because users are fully verified in advance, companies simultaneously improve the quality of customer data and increase their conversion rate.

About Blockchain HELIX
Blockchain HELIX is the Home of Digital Identity. It is a German Blockchain startup in Frankfurt am Main that develops helix id, a Digital Identity solution for private individuals and corporates. The goal of Blockchain HELIX is to create a trustworthy and secure Digital Identity ecosystem that will become the global market leader for Digital Identity.

For further information visit our new homepage: blockchain-helix.com

Sandra Richter-Janicijevic
Blockchain HELIX AG
Münchener Straße 45
60329 Frankfurt am Main
Telefon: +49-69715899452
E-Mail: sandra@blockchain-helix.com

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