Interxion & Blockchain HELIX starts partnership for Key Guardian Beta program

Interxion and Blockchain HELIX is starting a public BETA for the Interxion Key Guardian Service.

Interxion is the interconnection hub for the world’s leading businesses.

With 49 Data Centres in 13 Cities and over 700 connectivity providers, Interxion is one of the leading colocation providers since 20 years.

Blockchain HELIX is proud to be their first beta user for their Key Guardian Service to enable a sustainable Key Management Solution based on Blockchain technology.

Interxion Key Guardian is a colocated encryption key security service that uses Hardware Security Modules (HSMs) for high performance crypto operations and secure key storage for applications in the Public Cloud or your own data processing infrastructure. The keys are secured in an HSM appliance dedicated to you, outside of, but in close proximity to the cloud environment in which cloud applications reside. This architecture allows for high performance, low latency integration with your cloud apps while demonstrating strong auditability with a precise physical location of the keys in a secure environment.

In November 2017 Blockchain Helix released the first public version. It demonstrates the creation of a Trusted Digital Identity with validation of user data (KYC) in compliance with German laws and regulations (GDPR).

The next steps are the integration of eID and video identification. The vision of Blockchain Helix is to enable a trusted and secure digital economy and society.

Oliver Naegele, Founder & CEO: “The Interxion Key Guardian service is a perfect fit to bring the security level from Banking Systems to their Digital Identity Platform”

The program officially started on the 25th of January 2018.

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