Blockchain HELIX digitizes identities for Frankfurt – for every citizen and every company

Lighthouse project launches from Frankfurt to other European countries

Frankfurt am Main, 11 February 2021 – The team from Frankfurt-based Blockchain HELIX AG, has been a technological pioneer in the field of digital identity since 2016, a topic which was recently declared a top priority by our Federal Chancellor.

True to their company motto “Think Global. Act Local.”, the Blockchain HELIX team wants to turn their home city of Frankfurt am Main into a digital beacon for identity, security and trust on the internet in 2021 and then roll out their big tech alternative in other German cities and other European countries. The project can only be managed with the combined forces of Frankfurt, which is why businesses and politicians, Frankfurt’s retailers and local heroes are being approached to support the project.

“Digital identity plays a fundamental role in the future success of our economy and the equal participation of European citizens in a digital society,” says Oliver Naegele, founder and CEO of Blockchain HELIX. “With FFM ID, Frankfurt becomes Germany’s digital pioneer plus we strengthen our location and the retail sector.”

With helix id, the team has created a revolutionary ID ecosystem and thus serves as the basis for the planned local FFM ID. The solution is trend-setting because it can achieve what has not yet been achieved – transferring analogue trust into the digital world. helix id thus digitises and verifies identities, so that customers and companies know immediately who they are interacting with online. This enables legally secure business transactions and ensures maximum trust and security on the internet.

“helix id is the right solution at the right time,” explains Naegele. “The digitisation of the economy and society is currently accelerating rapidly, making digital identities a must-have. The number of digital transactions and interactions is constantly increasing and companies are challenged to provide their customers with a unique yet secure digital experience.” “helix id,” says Naegele, “is a trusted, simple and scalable e-identity platform that enables businesses to meet 100% of customer expectations and address their need for the highest user experience coupled with trustworthy data security. With us, users don’t have to choose between user experience or privacy. We can offer both with our helix id app. And we are starting with it now in Frankfurt.

Blockchain HELIX aims to be the European market leader in e-identity management by 2023. By then, the technology start-up wants to offer every citizen and every company in Europe a secure digital identity. And the path to this goal is also clear: the starting point is Frankfurt, where Blockchain HELIX is at home. To begin, the Main metropolis in the heart of Europe is to become a digital lighthouse for identity, security and trust on the internet.

About Blockchain
HELIX Blockchain HELIX is a German blockchain start-up from Frankfurt am Main. The company develops helix id, a solution for Digital Identities for consumers and businesses. The goal of Blockchain HELIX is to create a trustworthy and secure digital economy and society and to become the European market leader for a verified and self-determined Digital Identity. You can find more information here.

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